One Year Old Gets Dad A Beer

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:59
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I have been thinking about doing this video since the day Jenn announced she was pregnant. Obviously, timing was an issue on many levels. Those of you who have kids know, once they take their first step, dont blink your eyes of you are going to miss something. So I had to do this video in one day. His walking was improving rapidly. I also couldnt tape while anyone else was in the house or he would get distracted and/or his mother or grandmother (nana) would try to dictate what I could and couldnt do. Columbus day was it. I was off from work but Jenn had to go in. All my cameras were up and running. I figured wed try to get it all in two or three sessions. Morning between his nap and eating, afternoon between naps, and possible in the hour before my wife got home after the second nap. I tried to organize a shot list, but when you are working with a soon to be toddler, sometimes you have to go with the flow. He got the opening in one take; I shot a second for safety. I hate hearing my own voice and seeing myself, but I knew I couldnt work this kid more than he would allow and I wanted it to have a natural feel. He didnt get the beer thing in the morning. He much preferred puling out everything else in the fridge. But then I realized, if he got to play with the bottle for a while, then me might take to it. I was right!! Once he got used to the bottle, after his first nap, in the afternoon session he went right for it. I couldnt believe it. He knew exactly what I wanted and he did it. Oh, and by the way, to all you old ladies. You would have to make an effort to break an empty beer bottle. Under focused adult supervision, this is incredibly unlikely. AND I would NEVER allow this to happen. The reason some seem to get frightened of this, is because they are so busy multi-tasking that it could happen during their shift because they are not paying attention. I was in control of the situation and used tricks to get my shots safely, so shut up and enjoy my movie. I also tweaked the cap so that it had no sharp edges. So THERE! R E L A X. Once I got the footage, this video went together quickly. I had four cameras going at once, so many of the cuts are actually the same take from multiple angles. and when Aidan got tired or hungry, the cameras turned off. Obviously, I couldnt get any footage if hes crying.. Right?

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