Osama Under the Sea (Parody)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 03:39
    • Plays: ???
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"Osama Under the Sea" (PARODY) Written by Jon Gold & James Frey Vocals by James Frey Back up vocals by Jon Gold & J. Whiting Produced by J. Whiting Starring James Frey as Osama bin Laden (@JamesFreyComedy) Directed by Jon Gold (@TheCoolSub) Director of Photography & Camera: Matt Evans Produced by J. Whiting Edited by BrianPedd (@BrianPedd http://www.youtube.com/BrianPedd ) SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rachel Gallagher & Ryan Evans A BEARDED FELLOWS PRODUCTION (@2BeardedFellows) *This PARODY is protected under the limitations of Copyright Law LYRICS: I thought I would go to heaven, But here I am mere shark food. It's all cuz of 9/11, That I am completely screwed. I thought I'd be laying virgins, But that was all just a lie, Now here I am stuck with sturgeons, With two bullets in my eye. Under the sea, (Under the sea) Under the sea, (Under the sea) My name's Osama, Killed by Obama, Take it from me! In Pakistan I tried to hide, Now I'm just floating in the tide. I am Bin Laden, Not in a coffin, Under the Sea! Just missed me in Tora Bora, Got out of there just in time, Stuck here on this ocean floor-a, Down where I'll pay for my crime. I tried to avoid this ending, Used my wife as a shield, But she was just way too skinny, A Muslim Ally McBeal. Under the sea, (Under the sea) Under the sea, (Under the sea), My name's Osama, Killed by Obama, Take it from me! Death to America I say, Now I'm just fucked by manta ray. Here I am rottin', Soon be forgotten, Under the sea (under the sea) Under the sea (under the sea) I ain't no martyr, Blowfish I'll barter, Two for twenty! (Sandollars) Tried to blow up the pentagon, Now almost half my face is gone. Under the ocean, Jihad devotion, Under the sea! The trout eat my snout, The shark eat my heart, Fish eat my feet, And that's where they start. The crabs eat my calves, The bass eat my ass, The sole ate my whole asshole! (Yeah) The cod eat my rod, The plaise eat my face, The eels eat my heels, The clams eat my hands, The pike took a bite, The krill eat me still, And oh does that blowfish blow! (We're talking bout male blowfish, It was a dude blowfish It was a blowfish...that blew you... And it was a dude...blowfish) Under the sea, (Under the sea) Under the sea, (Under the sea) Brought the world terror, That was an error, Caught up to me! I tried to plot a million bombs, Now I'm a shame to all Islam! Tortured the world, Then I was hurled, Into the sea! Sent out a fatwa, Now underwater, It's getting hotter, Cuz I was shot-ta, I shoulda thought more, Before I start war, With this country, Stuck in the muck here, Royally fucked here, Under the sea!

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