PIMP 24/7 TV series coming soon.

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 04:32
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Two brother’s Marcus and Johnny, young black males from the ghetto, Marcus struggles between his art as a rapper and the financial burden of producing his music and going to college. While Johnny is heading straight to the fast lane of the streets, they’re both close to their Uncle, Angel a big-time pimp who lives a luxurious lifestyle. Marcus sees first hand how the cash flow goes for a big time pimps. While Johnny hang with his boys in the hood. Marcus is lured into the life of pimping in order to produce his art of music and help his mom pay bills. Though Marcus’ love is rapping, it is not paying the bills or getting him any closer to signing a record deal and making it big. Marcus knows there is another alternative to getting the money he needs: Pimping. The bottom line is reality. A lot of people in the world are faced with this same dilemma, turn to the life of crime and punishment to survive, or pray you don’t lose everything and keep working for minimum wage. Which life will Marcus choose? Week by week every episode draws you into a secret world full of people that really know what goes on in the streets. You’ll start to realize that this story is as close to the real street life as you’ll ever see, without actually living in the streets and becoming a part of this secret world. The pimps, hoes, drug dealers, bums and con men run the streets. Not the police, like most people are lead to believe. The police are only a front to please the public; they’re in with the criminals. This series will thrill and chill you, make you laugh when you might want to cry. A lot of you will put yourself in Marcus’ shoes and take the ride of your life, and some of you will run like a little scared kid looking for your mommy. wondering what it would be like to live this lifestyle.

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