Playing Ajedrez - Francisco Ramos

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:21
    • Plays: ???
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Below are the lyrics of the song. For more info, go to Playing Ajedrez This is something I like to do With a very special lady You only need two To make this happen You need to do it slow, to do it good And at the end, only one gets satisfied...yeahhh Chorus: Playing Ajedrez I like to play ajedrez (that means chess baby) Playing Ajedrez 'cuz is sexy, yeah (3x) You need a big table to get comfortable You get your pieces out and line them up in the board (Black & White -- Interracial Sexiness) Ohh, those pieces are sexy baby...I'll tell you why: You have the pawns, sexy little nibblets to tease your opponents Then the knights, I ride those babies a little bit up and then to the side (now that's sexy) The rooks and the bishops, never use them bitches, too dimensional, not sexy at all Then I get to my queen and that's my bitch Cuz I use her to pleasure: up, down, side to side, diagonally... Chorus But it all comes down To getting my king And if you play your cards right...I mean your pieces You're gonna get your check But you leave the mate to me...yeahhh Chorus

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