Pulled Pork by Deven Green and Joel Bryant

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:09
    • Plays: ???
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Deven Green and Joel Bryant are an award-winning comedy duo. "PULLED PORK" LYRICS: Now my ass is gonna get just a little passionate And when you're done havin' it You're gonna want an antacid From appetizers to hors d'oeuvres to entrees A food parody song full of double entendres Like "My Dinner With Andre" to "Boys on the Side" To "Eating Raoul" like those boys from "Alive" I take a joy ride through a fast food drive-thru Salivatin' at what this crass dude might do Don't give me no sliders cause I'm gonna want some more We like to 69 cuz we're both carnivores I wanna meet meat, pork loin....and knock wurst Forget cold seconds, yo, give me hot firsts From jerk to po' boy, I get crazy joy Like Jeffrey Dahmer munchin' on an Asian boy Like a mechanical pencil, my tongue is prehensile So screw using utensils...... CHORUS Let's hear it for pulled pork! Who needs a fork when you can pull pork. Yes you can pull pork What is meat made of Sharing meat is the gift of love No need for a meat glove Let's hear it for Pulled Pork Pulled Pork PULLED PORK This song is rare but well-done, yo it's the full spectacle Give me Rocky Mountain oysters or bull testicles A chili cook-off festival I follow my goal Like a porn star I'm gonna swallow it whole From Cheetos or Fritos, yo I don't eat those I would do anything for love, and anything for meat-loaf Doritos are dry. Fried rice I tried Give me a beef stir fry and the cream of Sum Yung Guy Don't give me no tofu or I'm gonna hurt a chump I'm not gonna toss your salad, But I am gonna work the rump It's a little exotic, yeah I tend to get erotic Suck down a whole bratwurst, sh*t I just brat it Vegetarian? Not it. Vegans? I'll never join. Like Elvis Presley, I love me tenderloin If you're alone and not Jewish, say good-bye to your health. You can pull your pork yourself! CHORUS Spoken: Meat-eaters, make some noise! Carnivores in the house. Fellas -- wave your meat in the air. Ladies -- keep your meat down there. Top of the food pyramid. One food group y'all......

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