Purge (2010)


  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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Purge -- A genetically-engineered world. All members of developed society are artificially created by genetic engineering companies and programmed for roles in life. To fail to assume the role you have been created for is to become a Stray and be treated worse than a criminal. It's Layla Thomas'ss first day of work as a BDSM mistress-slave at her sister's upmarket salon - a day she's been eagerly looking forward to. But when exposed to the work, she becomes viomlently ill and is forced to flee. Layla discovers she has been given aversion therapy and addicted to a highly-toxic drug called Klava. Behind her predicament is Peta, the chameleon-like hermaphrodite with whom she has been having a clandestine affire. Peta soon reveals him/herself as the leader of a gang of renegade Strays who are fighting to overturn th system that oppresses them. They want Layla to join them and use her BDSM skills to seduce high-ranking members of society so the gang-members can deprogram them. But all Layla wants is to return to her rightful role in society. A battle of will ensues with Peta using every means to crack Layla's programming so she will join the Strays. But is Peta who and what he/she seems? Will Layla overcome her programming and discover the forgotten meaning of love? Stylish and inventive, PURGE is an ultra-low budget quasi sci fi feature unlike any you've seen before.

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