Recession Buddies: How To Talk To Cops

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 15:10
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

In the non-too distant future, Cops are everywhere and everything is illegal. Some of the crimes you can and will be ticketed for are... Willfully drinking tap-water to stay alive , Creating visible smoke with flammable material, Possession and operation of a pocket knife, Willful intent to dismantle a broken appliance, Possession and operation of a bic lighter without a license, Intent to sell chicken wings with bone still attached, (choking hazard) Attempting to remove splinter from small child's finger without medical license. Possession of an empty/refilled water bottle, (Property of Coca-Cola) Attempting to remain anonymous on the internet. Gathering water from any source without Coca-Cola Visa. Willful urination while outdoors. Attempting to use hammer without hammer safety helmet and goggles. Hurting a fat gay nerd's feelings. Punching Failure to report a bee sting. Digging a hole deeper than a foot and 1/2 without a permit. Illegal cup holder modification of vehicle. Illegal possession of hard-copy of information. Sarcasm Etc. Etc. And the tickets are printed with disappearing ink so you have to buy a new ticket before you can pay your ticket even though they have your ticket on file in the first place. :p

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