Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Season 1

  • Season 1
  • Posted: 10/13/2013
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On board the Jupiter mining ship Red Dwarf, Dave Lister ranks 169 out of 169, lower than the Skutters, the maintenance robots. His boss/room-mate is Arnold Rimmer, an obsessive, incompetent, nerdy smeghead who has failed his astro-navigation exam 16 times and sews name tags in his ship-issue condoms. They are in charge of the vending machines. Lister has recently been dumped by officer Kristine Kochanski but is still in love with her. By the end of the first episode, all the crew except Lister are dead from a radiation leak caused by a badly sealed Drive plate. The rest of the series takes place in the future, and it's all downhill from here on. Aimlessly roaming the universe, this ramshackle crew of spacebums and losers encounters alien pods, mutated viruses, and distorted time. And if that doesn't keep Lister amused, there is always the question of why Rimmer's last words were gazpacho soup.

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