Reproductive Rights SOLVED

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 06:24
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2012 has already been one of the most controversial years for women's reproductive rights. Every major republican candidate wants to make abortion illegal on a state or federal level. Susan G. Komen controversially dropped their funding for planned parenthood when it was decided it did not mesh with the image of their corporate sponsors. President Obama has come over intense fire for proposing a bill requiring all employers, even those with religious affiliations that may say otherwise, to provide free contraception agents. More than ever, we need a solution to all these issues before the chaos erupts into the streets and mini-molotov cocktails made from condoms (nonoxynol-9 is flammable) cause rampant destruction throughout this great land. In this video, I provide you the viewer with SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE free of religious subjectivity that finally solves the issues regarding women's reproductive rights and wraps it up nicely in an under 7 minute package. So do yourself a favor, and take everything I say in this video for what it is: unbiased scientific fact.

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