Rich People Are Stupid

  • Posted: 5/1/2014
    • Length: 05:27
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Rich people are stupid. So are poor people. Rich people will tell you it is obvious poor people are stupid. Otherwise, they would pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Somebody needs to tell rich people that nobody uses bootstraps anymore and if you don’t know what bootstraps are, that doesn’t make you stupid. Poor people will tell you it is really annoying to hear rich people say how hard it is to get by on $250,000 a year anymore. Poor people will tell you, you have to be smart to get by on less than $25,000 a year. Lots of poor people know how to do that. Rich people will tell you it doesn’t take a genius to tighten your belt especially when you don’t eat enough to hold your pants up without tightening your belt. Rich people will tell you it’s not easy to lose weight when you can buy anything you want. It costs money. You have to hire special trainers and go to doctors to get diet pills. Poor people do some stupid things. They buy fast food and soda instead of slow food and wine. In an expensive restaurant the size of the food is small but cheap restaurants have value size which means big. Rich people are stupid because they have bad memories. They don’t remember their history. Poor people also don’t remember history. If poor people remembered their history they might remember that rich people have been treating them like shit for forever. If rich people would remember their history they would remember that didn’t always work out so great for them. Let’s start with the American Revolution. The British King had to tax tea and the next thing you know, you had the Boston Tea Party. That eventually lead to the Democratic Party and The Republican Party and some other parties but the King wasn’t getting anymore taxes. Maybe if the King hadn’t been so greedy and taxed tea, New York would be Old York Number 2. The French were revolting, too, in those days. They listened to Voltaire and Rousseau and got enlightened. Back in those days, the rich were kind of sarcastic and said stupid bon mots like let them eat cake. It’s not funny to make smart remarks like that when some people are not eating anything, let alone cake. The Russians watched the Americans and the French and took notes. They took their time and mulled it over and then they had a revolution. They also listened to Marx and his little book about class struggle. Why does everybody always have to have a revolution? It seems there should be a better way of going about things than having a revolution every time. Revolutions are against the law and lots of bad things happen every time somebody has a revolution. There is a common way to avoid a revolution. You make sure people have just enough. The problem is, it is not an exact science to figure out what enough is in just enough. There are other solutions to this problem. You can hire just enough people to enforce the law that prohibits revolution. Neither of these solutions is cheap anymore. People expect a lot more out of life than they did back in the bad old days of Robespierre. Part of the problem is that we’ve been there, done that. We seen it all before and then things got better. We had unions and all the battles they fought for the rights of the common man. So things got better but now they’re getting worse. And nobody seems to care. Maybe there are new solutions but there better be because we might be running out of time. There are actually discussions about how crazy the supper rich are. One of them is the systematic extermination of a large part of the human race. That’s some crazy, goofy stuff but the average person doesn’t begin to understand or imagine all the crazy maneuvers going on in the top floors of corporate America. I don’t really have time to devote to running down all the conspiracy theories but let’s just focus on one that is getting some traction. It’s called Thrive. It’s a free video documentary on Youtube that has about 40,000,000 hits worldwide. It is both the craziest and sanest thing I’ve ever seen. It is fronted by one of the heirs of Procter and Gamble and he bites the hand that feeds him a little bit. It also sounds a little dangerous about taking back control before the corporate Nazi’s take away the internet. The problem with anything today is disinformation. Alternative media can generally be relied on because they care about the Third World and starving people. But so much media is weak and full of nonsense. Most of us poor people are so busy surviving we can’t think. So poor people are stupid but maybe it’ll turn out all violent and bad. But maybe that’s what rich people want. They got it all figured out like a chess game. The government has empty camps all over the country getting ready for the last class struggle. The rich have got their bunkers so maybe they’re not so dumb after all

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