SantAnonymous Occupy Christmas (Occupy Wall Street Parody)

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:29
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With Christmas coming up and the occupy movement catching more and more attention some friends suggested i make a video regarding it and this is what my brain translated it to. The story is about "SantAnonymous" not being able to provide the gifts children are wanting for christmas due to budget cuts, copyright issues, and major corporations while on the other hand in verse two a business man defends big business by explaining that it is not the corporations fault for creating high demand products, it is the governments fault for the lenient tax breakand support from the government that corporations get and urging others to create their own business as opposed to protesting and trying to rid big business from what they've earned. This video is no way advocating the occupy movement nor against it. This is simply a recreation of a fake but similar scenario. Lyrics: Come on madison it's time for bed. Let's read a Christmas bedtime story. What one would you like. Oh good choice, the story of santanonymous and the crazy protestors and it goes like this Greetings everyone I'm santanonymous I'm very excited to talk about Christmas Come boys and girls gather round the mic And tell santanonymous what you'd like Barbies and hot wheels oh that's swell But all those things are made by Mattel And in this nation their a major corporation And santas workshop is a non profit organization iPods and iPhones oh I don't know Do to budget cuts our Elfs are running low Nintendo ds and Xbox kinect Do to copyright laws I can't make any of that What happened to bikes and roller blades Now everyone wants electronics and video games Can't we just get back to the basics Ive got socks for days already made and packaged The parents all gathered and decided that the money problems Santanonymous was having was the corporations fault for creating stores and products of such high demand which made them rich that the parents decided to protest and occupy the streets demanding social and financial equality. Calm down folks this has to stop protesting creators of things that you want I understand equality and standing together But don't be jealous of success by a business owner You want a piece of the pie? Work for it guys Have a dream,a passion, and let it fly You work to hard to bash the corporate way making signs from cardboard and helmet paper mâché How can anyone take you seriously You look like a nickelodeon character to me Asking for money like some kind of jerk You want equality then get back to work How dare you to act this way And continue to want the products they've made The protesters continued to rant. There was nothing more that Santanonymous could do. There will always be some people in this world that are crazy and there will always be the sheep that follow them and even though there may come a time when all of us become crazy or sheep, for now it's Christmas --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Audio recorded using Pro Tools LE 8 Video recorded using Canon T2i Edited using Final Cut Pro X Recorded, mixed, and edited by Ryan Roob of Mr Lion Productions

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