Sarvate! (Comedy Rap Song) Official Music Video!!!

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 05:19
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Synopsis > This is a hilarious comedy rap song by Sarvate, a thug from the streets of San Diego. Listen as this gangsta raps about dealing drugs and other real life issues like using highly inconvenient cutlery for eating breakfast. He started out in the ghetto but now he's getting knowledge at UCSD (University of California San Diego). Also, unlike most rappers Sarvate gives you practical advice on how to succeed and become just like him. I don't want to add any spoilers, but the song contains such bits of wisdom as "Do your homework". Rather than being a comedy rap song this is more a dissertation on the comedic tragedy of life. As Sarvate says: "Coke is much better than Pepsi, because you can't snort Pepsi". You'll learn how to dress by avoiding chump brands like Macy's and Abercrombie. Stick to Express for Men and you'll be getting on the next train to Man Express. Sorry, that doesn't make sense. Women will do anything to be with Sarvate including standing by at the lavatory with tissue paper laden hands to wipe the indomitable backside of this rap legend. Other rappers fear Sarvate because they don't understand his methods. He's not afraid to admit that he's sucked D for the Peruvian marching powder. He's not afraid to talk about eating feces to satisy his post dinner sweet tooth. He understands the irony that while he's vomiting a half pound of albacore tuna into the toilet after a relentless night of Sake consumption, there are starving Ethiopians who would kill for a chance to lick his bile infused discharge. This song and video was filmed and recorded at UCSD in 2005. All music and lyrics were written and composed by Richard Sarvate Lyrics: yeah i dunno why I get so many hoes, but to tell u the truth I think it's the clothes [Chorus] Sarvate, Sarvate Yo my name is sarvate I like mocha and latte I chill with my shirt off when it's a hot day I used to eat trash from the gutter But now I eat margarine dipped in butter It started on the streets this was way back I hung out with thugs, mexicans and blacks I dealt the drugs, making money off the sack it was hard man when I had to suck dick for crack Now I want a h** I go for the princess if she's my sister, I'll commit incest I used to Dream about the day I buy my lexus F*** cheerios now I do heroin for breakfast Damn once my mama took my cocaine She took too much and bust a vessel in her brain Damn why'd she have to take my cracka nd die Cuz I didn't have crack for myself that night Yeah sh*** now I like to shop in my benz expensive clothes at express for men I'm flashy with my colors like a peacock crazier than tupac, more like threepac [Chorus] One time I got shot in the face My brains was everywhere blood all over the place I got to kaiser with the last beat of my heart but they didn't let me in cuz I didn't have a kaiser card but now I got more beats than I got hoes I got more cars that I got clothes For every song I got 2 remixes 3 versions If dre is the doctor then I'm the surgeon This is a f*** you the people in suits Who busted me cuz of my brooklyn roots To all those teachers who said I wouldn't do well To all the guards who locked me in the jail cell When I was a kid I couldn't afford candy Now I eat chocolate and sip on brandy Talk about eminem scoring them hoes I'm a skittle, taste the rainbow For My birthdays I got smacked in the mouth For christmas I got my teeth knocked out Now I shower in champagne and all my glory I got bi***es around to wipe my ass for me [Chorus] Yeah I was born into the tough life I had to eat my cereal with a butter knife I ate a rat's carcass after I boiled it for desert I had to eat from the toilet Man I was just a college kid making songs Now I'm gangsta drinking lemonade from a bong If puff daddy puffs on mary jane then I'm inject daddy I inject to my veins When I was a kid I had to hustle for a quarter Poor as a mexican crossing the border yo I was like fifty cent shout a holla But I was fifty more, cuz I'm a dolla Every night I drink and every night I'm barfing I'm throwing up my food somalia is starving but I'm still at restaurants nice and elegant I'm bigger than snoop dogg, I'm snoop elephant

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