Servitude: The Series Pledge Pitch #1: Brian Normoyle

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:26
    • Plays: ???
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An artist. A patriot. A gentleman AND a scholar. A once-good man in need of escape from the chains that have bound him for 13 long years. That man is me. But I'm on a mission. I've been working with five fellow artists for over a year developing “Servitude: The Series” to tell the untold stories of the personal hell of working in a restaurant. You know these stories. Many of you have done your hard time serving patrons with a smile while they slowly chip away at your dignity table by table, shift by shift. Others of you have lost loved ones to the industry — may their souls rest in peace — as those once-good people awoke one day to find themselves dead inside, bereft of any sense of self-worth, and resigned to a life of servitude and shame while they rest their ability to pay their bills on the generosity of ill-mannered douchebags. Visit to see how you can help unleash these stories to the world and give a soulless server a chance at a real life. I know the purse strings are tight right now, but believe me they're nowhere near as tight as the strings on this f&#@*%g apron I wear five nights a week. It just can't seem to let me go. It can't quit me. But with your help, I can quit IT!

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