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  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:39
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Download song here: Talk to me here: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MYSPACE: WEBSITE: Lyrics: Shotty! That's right you motherfucker--have fun in the back seat Nope, you shithead, that doesn't count because we're not outside and we can't even see the car yet Bullshit! We're on the way out so anyone can call it. You know that rule about seeing the car was just made up by some guy who forgot to call it sooner, and now you are that guy No, because that rule gives everyone an equal chance to call shotgun. Besides, you didn't say, "shotgun" you only said, "shotty" so technically the seat's still free Obviously I got it because you knew what I meant and then you contested it, so fuck you buddy Wull if you're gonna play by those shitty rules than I call shotgun on the way back You can't call shotgun in advance, because you said everyone must have an equal chance, now you're just being hypocritical you donkey cock sucking douche Am not Are too Eat Shit Fuck you Hey you two As the driver for the day, I have final say I make up the rules, you two are being tools Now he did call shotty before anybody But you make a good point the chances should be joint But he did call it first so he gets it--no more outbursts But dude, I'm 6'2, I have longer legs and it's just not fair-- I said no more outbursts Ha ha ha ha ha ha I don't wanna hear it Radio and AC You're a fuckin' dickweed All the leg room that I want I can roll my window down all the way And I have an airbag Wait! I forgot. We have to pick up my girlfriend right now Both of you get in the back seat Cuz girlfriends have permagun (Dsmmit, I hate that rule) Girlfriends have permagun (Umm, we heard you the first time man) Girlfriends have permagun Dude, why are you singing? Oh, was I just singing? Yea. And Harmonizing with yourself. Fag. Whatever, let's just go.

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