Super Mario Bros.-Koopa Klaus (an NC-17 rated dub) (Episode: 16)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 13:36
    • Plays: ???
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There are an extremely, whooping 220 cunts and an extremely hefty 16.95 cunts Per Minute throughout the whole 13 Minute dub over. That's more cunts than any bad movie ever made throughout Hollywood! Compare to how three countries would rate this dub over if this was a movie. It's the non-stop use of very strong language such as cunt! It's NC-17 rated for constant, very strong language! It's rampant and downright non-stop! It's at a downright non-stop rate! It will make you laugh like hell! Enjoy this NC-17 rated cartoon dub over! BBFC:18 MPAA: NC-17 Canadian Movie Rating: R This marks the final episode of the first season of the Super Mario Bros. dub overs. Throughout this cartoon dub over including this one, it contains an extreme, downright hefty 3,344 cunts in it which means an extreme staggering 209 cunts per episode of this first season. That means an extreme, downright hefty 16.1 cunts per minute per season one dub over episode of this. WARNING: The dub contains lots of very strong language and other adult subject matter. Viewer discretion is very strongly advised! You must be 18 or older to view this content! *****Recently, my upload of this video clip on which I dubbed over has been deleted and banned from my Ebaums World account for only one single use of hate speech. It was taken down for that painful obvious reason. It was for the word "nigger" being used only once. Actually, it has been on its website data for almost 2 months before they caught it. They still removed it even though I put an NC-17 rating label and a very strong viewer advisory warning on it too! All of my others were taken down due to an over flooding of the mature section on their website four minutes after this video clip has been removed. This video clip has been banned from and can be watched here right now! Sit back and enjoy it (the one that got banned from Ebaums World).

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