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  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:45
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SWAGATRON searching the galaxy for money, hoes, weed, and beer. Song written by Keene Music video written, edited, starring in, and directed by Keene directed shot and edited by the man behind the curtain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1wNNUq8-gM LYRICS: ON, IM A MOTHA FUCKIN SWAGATRON...YEAH BITCH YOU KNOW MY SWAG IS ON I'm swagatron my swag is on my house be lookin like Babylon my cash is grown my stacks is long I even got a BIONIC DONG. I'm shootin haters with my gamma ray i dont a godamn what them haters say. hop up in my space ship girl I'll make you famous you wanna see the planets well I'd love to see Uranus. I came to earth here and I'm straight up in attack mode I'm takin all my doubters and I'm throwing them in black holes holla lemme call ya baby I will come and see you soon we're going to the hamptons or at my house thats on the moon sippin on some champagne money thats the campain zoom we traveling at light speed we smokin space kush that outta sight weed On..Imma mother fuckin swagatron...yeah bitch you know my swag is on Im half swag and Im half machine I guess that means Im a hybrid being. I'll short circuit you like johnny 5 if you dont think I the best alive. swagatron been here for years sippin beers in your atmosphere. my favorite movie the terminator I'll fuck your girl then terminate her. suck on my robotic dick girl call it chrome dome she said she wanna see me made her ET had her phone home. drink myself into a coma flow so hot its super nova. haters got you down yes i do believe that tragic but try not to forget Im fully made of swag bitch please dont be afraid turn me on I'll work my magic if you need me when you see me then just go flip on my swag switch

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