Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Next Generation Trailer

  • Released: 2003
    • Length: 01:38
    • Plays: ???
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The trailer for Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. In this installment, we hear that since 1991 (when the third Texas Chainsaw Massacre took place), the massacres have stopped and for five years Texas has remained silent. This installment takes place in 1996 and starts off with a group of teens at their prom. This includes Jenny, who lives with an abusive step-father, her friends and all of their dates. When one of Jenny's friends, Heather, notices her boyfriend Barry is missing, she finds him cheating on her with another girl. Extremely angry Heather starts driving away in Barry's car, while Jenny, and her boyfriend Sean, still the backseat with and Barry running after them. Heather finally stops and lets Barry in so she could confront him about the cheating. Driving angrily, Jenny gets collides with another car ion a remote wooded road. The other driver passes out after saying he's not hurt. Heather, Barry and Jenny decide to look for help while Sean stays at the scene of the crash. The trio finds an insurance office and ask Darla, the agent working there, for help. She calls up her husband Vilmar Sawyer to get in his pickup truck and head out to the scene the crash. Vilmar examines the passed out teen with Seans help, but suddenly breaks the kid's neck and chases Sean down with his pickup. Meanwhile, Heather and Barry head off, leaving Jenny alone. They find a house that ends up belonging to the cannibal family. They're confronted by Leatherface and his brother W.E. Sawyer. W.E. threatens Barry with a shotgun while Heather is put up on a meathook by Leatherface. Barry asks W.E. to put the gun down just so that he can use the bathroom. W.E. gives him permission and Barry goes inside to use the bathroom. He discovers a skeleton in the bathtub as well as the remains of previous victims in the room. He is suddenly hit over the head with a sledgehammer by Leatherface. Jenny, now on her own, is attacked by Vilmar in his pickup. He lo

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