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  • Posted: 3/25/2014
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The 2 guys who paved the way for all Internet & Satellite Broadcasters that would come a decade later. The pioneers of Online Broadcasting, the kings of Live Interactive Global Uncensored Internet Comedy. The hosts of the biggest, longest running, most successful show in the history of the net up to that point from 1994 to 2001. I might add highest paid salary of all internet broadcasting and even most radio hosts. The avant-guard of podcasts, Satellite Radio, streaming, Broadcast Yourself and Youtube, Twitter all rolled into one Dan Schulz & Scott Wirkus. Lance Manload too but in a different way... . In 1996 they had an audience of 40000 a night, after 5 years by 2001 they had an audience of 100000 live listeners a night 5 days a week for 3 hours a night, a lot of them interacting in the chat room but the biggest percentage of listeners were listening later on archives. You don't believe me you don't have to i wouldn't expect you to BUT the 2000 TIME Magazine cover story saying so is still online if you want to check it out on my Funny or Die website link below, wikipedia too. And so are the News, Entertainment Tonight, ABC video interviews, Archives of the show itself, it's history and mark on the bizz of online broadcasting with major players such as: Mark Cuban in 1996 with Audionet/ later Yahoo audio. MSNBC nuff said. Ken Williams in 1998 founder of Sierra Games, Worldstream communications/ Bob Meyrowitz in 2000 founder of the UFC, the King Biscuit Flower hour, radio syndication and All of this cannot be erased or disregarded. It's comedy, internet and broadcasting history 101 the pioneer of Television himself the late great Milton Berle said so, can't argue with Uncle Milty. The Dan & Scott Show paved the way for all Internet & Satellite Broadcasters they started the 1st live internet comedy show on April 1st 1996. Podcasts in 1995 on AOL and even BBS audio in 1994 before the Internet. This video had 4084 views, was 1st uploaded on youtube channel FreakoutFreakshow on April 1st 2009, the channel was deleted by Youtube on March 16 2010. Rate, Subscribe, Favorite & Comment please. Thanks! A lot more comedy on the way! Thank you for Listening! Want to hear more comedy? Click here hiatus) You can Download The Dan & Scott Show Vault in Audio Featuring the Freakout Freakshow.

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