The Banker tells the truth

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
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Synopsis > Raped by the Public Trustees Wednesday August 9, 2006 I called the TD bank in Bridgewater I was talking to a Shirley Brown and she asked me for my Debit Card number. She told me I had no bank account. I told her I did use my account in July. She was going to talk with the Bank manager and call me back. I waited she call me back 2.5 hours latter. The bank manager thought it might be best for me to call RCMP. This was strange. It was my account and for what reason would they want my to call the RCMP eluded me. This was my own personal account. I realized I wasn’t getting any where local, so I called the TD in Ottawa and they told me that they should never told me to go to RCMP that was wrong Thursday August 10,2006 Talked with Lady in Ottawa. Reference #187345 about concerns about why account was closed on June 10 of 2006. She had indicated she was un-sure as to why, and contacted Bridgewater Branch to confirm and would return call. 1-800-430-6095 Friday August 11, 2006 Called 1-800-430-6095 again to discuss what was happening. It was indicated to me there was a mistake and indeed the account was active until July 06. It was also made clear that there was a balance of $4053.00 that was owed to me and would returned to me via Bank Draft. It would be available within 3 Business Days. Tuesday August 14, 2006 Called 1-800-430-6095 again to discuss weather Check was issued. It was indicated within the next 24 Hrs. Wednesday August 15, 2006 Called 1-800-430-6095 again to discuss when money would be refunded. Also discussed the possibility of transferring directly to the BMO Account in order to speed up process. It was indicated this could be done with ease. It wouldn’t take more then a couple of day. Friday August 17, 2006 Called 1-800-430-6095 to ask why money still wasn’t transferred. They had to call their outsourcing accounts payable in Halifax as all transfers went through them. She was quite concerned why the transfer was completed yet. It was taking longer then normal. Wednesday August 22, 2006 Called 1-888-361-0319. Wanted to speak with a more senior official as to why this was taking so long and what was the hold up. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Mr Dean with Customer Relations. I had briefed him as to what was going on. He was very concerned with what was going on. He explained that sometimes the outsourcing department doesn’t get things caught up. But, this was taking an unusually long time. He was going to contact both the previous CSRs I spoke with and the branch in Bridgewater. He asked that, although I was understandable frustrated, He would get on to this right away.Thursday August 23, 2006 Mr Dean contacted me. He indicated that there were indeed some issues with the home branch. There was some other issues at the Bridgewater Branch as well. He was going to do an audit into the account to ensure everything was being done correctly. He asked that I give him a couple days to conclude his investigation. If I needed to contact him, my reference number was 21200921TT4. Monday August 27, 2006 I called Mr dean for an update. He called me back. He indicated their was irregularity with the figures owing. He indicated that their was in fact $3513.71 outstanding to me. He was going to find out how soon before it was turned over to me. Tuesday August 28, 2006 Mr Dean had indicated he was speaking with the call center in Halifax. The money would be refunded with 24 Hrs. He had apologized for all the inconvenience. Thursday August 30, 2006 I called Mr Dean to ask what was going on. Their was still no funds showing on the account. He verified and found out the account number I provided for the BMO had an extra digit. That is why it wasn’t going through. He got the correct numbers and was going to process it again. It may take up to 3 more Business Days. Tuesday September 5, 2006 I called Mr Dean. I realized this was a long weekend, but still no moneys showing. I was getting upset. This was taking way to long. He indicated he didn’t understand what was happening. It doesn’t normally take this long. He was going to call and find out why this was still happening. Wednesday September 6, 2006 After speaking with Mr Dean, he completely was at a loss as to why this simple transfer wasn’t happening. He spoke with their call canter, verified the account numbers. He indicated that he was going to speak with his Supervisor and see what they could do to by-pass the Call Center. He asked for my patience and to give him another day to discuss this with his Supervisor. Thursday September 7, 2006 Spoke with Mr. Dean. His supervisor was going to do an override of the system. To “Go Back to Horse and Buggy Days’ of transferring money. They where going to personally do a wire transfer with the BMO. He figured this would completely bypass the electronic system. He would call me once it was completed to let me know when it would show up in my account. Friday September 8, 2006 Mr. Dean had indicated it would show within 24 Hrs. Monday September 11, 2006 I spoke with Mr Dean again. I told him I would have to speak with the federal regulators with bank. This was going on for over 6 weeks. I was tired of being told it would be tomorrow, or the next day and excuses after excuses. Wednesday September 13, 2006 I did contact 1-888-422-2865. Someone their would contact me in the next few days to discuss my case. Within this same time frame, I also have a business account (Spotless Cleaning & Maintenance) with the TD Bank. Again, this is a parallel story. They where also looking into this within the past few weeks. This gets complicated, as there are several other factors involved with this Business Account as well. These are the “4” Steps that are suggested on the TD Canada trust Website. Step 1 - Contact us in person, by telephone, mail or email – 1-800-430-6095 / Back in JULY Step 2 - Elevation to a Senior Officer - 1-800-430-6095 / AUGUST 10 – AUGUST 22, 2006 Step 3 - Contact the TD Ombudsman - 1-888-361-0319 / AUGUST 22 – SEPTEMBER 11, 2006 Step 4 - Contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) - 1-888-422-2865 / SEPTEMBER 13, 2006 All I ask is this. What and why is this happening? How can something so simple become so complicated? Stalling and Excuses week after week. To what end? On the local level, I have herd feedback from the community about the dealings going on at the TD in Bridgewater. There are Bank Auditors and other Top Officials currently at the bank.

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