The Bellman Equation (2011)

The Bellman Equation

  • Posted: 3/15/2014
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The Bellman Equation -- What is the Bellman Equation? This film searches for the mathematician who helped invent the Atom Bomb and invented the field of dynamic programming while being persecuted by McCarthy. A 12 year odyssey by the grandson of Richard Bellman, to solve the mysteries surrounding his life and death. One of the most influential mathematicians of the 20th century, Mr. Bellman was a pioneer in the field of computer science. Bellman's work changed the perception of the application of mathematics within science. A fiercely independent and controversial figure, Mr. Bellman published more than 40 books and 600 papers before his early death of a brain tumor. The inventor of the field of dynamic programming was persecuted by McCarthy, got caught up in the Rosenberg scandal, worked on the Manhattan project, and remained as much a mystery as the problems he conquered. His grandson, director Gabriel Leif Bellman, was trained in film at USC and NYU. He helped start the 'True Life' series at MTV. Turning the camera towards archives, video, audio, photographic, and published evidence, interviews with friends, colleagues, foes, and family members, over a 12 year span the younger Bellman attempts to solve the equation that he has found himself born into. Variables evolve while he tries to remain constant- will he be able to solve the Bellman Equation?

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