The Calling part 5 of 8

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 10:37
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Synopsis > There is something very wrong with our world. In the ensuing years since the attacks upon new york world trade center on September 11th 2001 our societies have gone down very different paths to what the people of the world had hoped to see ushered in with the new millenium. Now there is a sense of forboding that encompasses the globe. A sense that all is not quite right, that some unseen malaise exist like a deeper undercurrent that flows just below the surface of everyday affairs. Though we are constantly told of all the problems that we face, concerns over global terrorism, famine, disease, global warming, and global warfare it has become apparent to many that below the surface problems we are repeatedly shown by the media, another problem does indeed exist. Such feelings are being expressed by a great many people, and these feelings are justified for this earth and indeed humanity itself, does indeend face a massive threat. It is not the threat of global terrorism or the threat of war. It is not the threat of environmental disaster or global warming. It is something more sinister, something that lies within. Different people blame different groups or conspiracies for these problems. Club of Rome, The Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Bohemian Club... some say Zionists, or the Vatican Conspiracy, some say skull and bones ...and the list goes on. Well the truth is, that all of the above sources are in fact involved, each in its own way and each one carries out specific tasks. Zionism for example is merely one of the most visible arms of the octopus because it is they who carry out most of the worlds terrorism, but Zionism is merely one skin of the onion, as is the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, or any other group. All these organizations are interlinked, to one controlling body at top now widely known as the Illuminati. I covered a great deal about how the whole system is put together and how most of it functions in the Big Picture series which I posted on my youtube channel, and a good deal about the zionist arm of the illuminati who, it would appear, were the true force behind the 911 attacks, is also covered in a 3rd party series I post on my youtube channel entitled 911 missing links. 911 missing links maybe seen as an attack against jews by some but I think it contains relevent and pertinent information concerning the true perpetrators of the 911 attacks which is why I posted it. Zionism however, as I previously said, is merely one layer of the illuminati onion which encompasses all manner of secret societies. Zionism is merely one part. You can think of Zionism as like the "special ops division" of the illuminati which, in turn, has offshoots such as the MOSSAD & CIA, organizations whose sole purpose is to undermine governments and create instability and who control all global drug and human traffic trading and who also control all other terrorist organizations down the food chain such as Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda by the way is an organization which is wholly invented and is actually nothing more than a database consisting of a list of names of Mujahadeen trained in terrorism by the CIA in the late 1970's. The words Al Qaeda literally translates to "the Database" in Arabic. Do not make the mistake of thinking organizations like the CIA & MOSSAD are the good guys, because they are most definitely not. They are anything but. All the world is a stage and everything of importance that occurs on it, is planned to happen that way and it is through this Illuminati system of intertwining secret societies that the entire world is ultimately run. The vital control centers of this mechanism are the three illuminati city states, all of which are seperate self governing states within host countries. The first is The City of London, which is the Center for Monetary Control, The second is Washintons District of Columbia which is the Center for Military Control and the 3rd is Vatican city which is the center for spiritual Control. Each City State is a completely seperate, self governed and sovereign state within an external sovereign country. Each has its own laws, its own news services and infrastructure, each pays no taxes to the sovereign country in which it is located and each has its own flag. The flag of each bears 3 Stars signifying the 3 city states. Each city also has its own obelisk as the bloodline that controls the world can be clearly traced back to ancient egypt. These are the three Illuminati Control Centers of the world. It is from these three centers that control over all aspects of the world is achieved.

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