The Casting Office Ep 1 WHO'S your Gangsta Baby?

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 04:30
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

This episode, like, totally happened. When you're a Black man in Hollywood, people generally love you or run away from you as fast as they can. Especially if you're carrying a loaded firearm. Wait- come on! That's racial stereotyping! And Troy Price, co-creator/co-writer of this show (AND a real live Black man), is only slightly militant... ;-) No, seriously- we're for real, yo. Casting an African-American in a "gangsta" role can be very difficult, homies. Why, you ask? Because your normal Hollywood Black actor went to Yale, possibly Harvard, and definitely studied Method. The average Black actor didn't grow up in the 'hood- he might have grown up in posh Scottsdale, Arizona around millions of white folks that speak the Queens English. Crumpet, anyone? No? Tea? PIPPA'S ASS! Sit back, relax. No one's gonna shoot you. Watch the Blackness. Enjoy the realness. And remember, no matter WHO ya are, if you're Black and acting in Hollywood, you'll eventually read for "Gangter #1". And if you're anything like Troy, you probably won't be deemed "Black enough", and they'll go instead for the Cuban guy with the heavy tan.

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