The Great Buck Howard


  • Released: 2009
    • Length: 01:45
    • Plays: ???
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The trailer for The Great Buck Howard. Troy Gable (Colin Hanks), a recent law school dropout in Los Angeles, is searching for a job when he comes across a personal assistant position advertised in the local paper. He attends the interview for the position at a local restaurant, where he meets and is struck by the Great Buck Howard (John Malkovich), a waning mentalist. Although skeptical of Buck, Troy is convinced the job will be an exciting change from his ordinarily mundane life and goes on the road with Buck playing for half-empty houses in small towns and cities across the country. Although Buck can be prickly and harsh and his act is corny, he always impresses the small town crowds and Troy sees that Buck is truly in his element. For his signature trick, Buck's performance fee is hidden in the audience while Buck waits in his dressing room and when he returns, he picks it out of the crowd. He never fails. One night Troy's father (Tom Hanks) appears, angry to find his son - who he thought was still in law school - is working as Buck's glorified gofer. After the ensuing drama, Troy is ready to bow to his father's wishes but Buck asks him to stick it out a while longer. He has a 'spectacular' trick planned that will guarantee his long-awaited comeback. The big event is planned for Cincinnati and Buck hires a big New York PR firm to handle it. Buck is upset when, instead of sending the top publicist he was expecting, the firm sends junior publicist Valerie (Emily Blunt). Although Buck is dismissive of Valerie, Valerie and Troy hit it off and wind up spending the night together. On the day of the event, Valerie seems to prove herself in Buck's eyes - she has gathered a large group of reporters to cover Buck as he attempts to set a world record by putting an entire room full of people to sleep. However, just as things get going and participants start falling asleep, the reporters' cell-phones begin ringing: Jerry Springer (talk-

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