The JOHNSON (J-O-H-N-S-O-N) Acting Method

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:53
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Easy to remember hydrolic for Johnson's Acting Tips. All tips together spell J-O-H-N-S-O-N. J-1. If you want to be famus, take Johnson Roberts acting class! J-2. If you are not so good at acting, where sunglasses to your addition. It will make you look me. J-3. The ONLY thing you can never break is eye contacts with seen partner (except when you where sunglasses-see J-2.) Staring make you intense and show that you have passion. O-1. Always where something you can take off and break to show your passion, there may not always be props on the set. You must be prepared, like Scar from Lion King. O-2. If scene is sad, make sure you turn your passion to crying. If you cannot cry, fake cry and cover face with funoions before to create teers. H-1. If you are from another country, change your name to something that sounds like American movie star name, but make sure you can pronoun it right. H-2. Always pause before you say your line. It shows that you were thinking and you didn't just memorize the seen. N-1. Sometimes when you go to addition, forget your head shot on purpose so they think you are creative. They will remember you, my friend. N-2. From time to time screem at your seen partner so they know who they are dealing with. N-3. If you want to be famous movie star, you have to have a bad habitat. Drugs, drinking, porno...see my ten tips on bad habitats for more info. S-1. Always look into camera so the viewer, and the director, know who they're dealing with. S-2. Before you start seen, shout "action!" so they know that you're starting. And when you finish, say "seen" so they know you are finished acting. S-3. When you go to addition, break something immediately. That way they will know you mean business. O-1. If you are parent and kid wants to be actor, force them to take Johnson Roberts acting class. Make them read the testi-moneys. O-2. If you are in a seen and character is scared, studder your words. Studder with passion, king's peach. O-3. Pick a word out of your lines every once in a while and yell it as loud as you can. Al Pacino does this and he is famus. N-1. Always have prop when you go to additions. That way they will remember you and say, "hey let's give cop roll to guy who was wearing a gun." N-2. Make funny face in your head shot so you stand out from crowd. N-3. If you are a woman and you can't act you should where something sexy to your addition because chances Just come to Johnson Roberts acting class. It will be ladies night.

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