The Jumper (2011)

The Jumper

  • Released: 2008
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The Jumper -- Synopsis: Seeking an escape from his arguing parents, a young boy finds a magic jumper that transports him to a fantasy world. He meets the girl of his dreams, and together they learn the value of freedom, love and, ultimately, sacrifice. Plot: A young boy is struggling to paint a picture while his parents argue outside his door. While trying to cover his ears he accidentally knocks a jar of dirty water over himself, and has to change his jumper. The one he finds in his cupboard has a tree on the front, and when he puts it on he suddenly finds himself in an idyllic forest. Scared, he pulls of the jumper and magically he is back in his room again. Realising he has found a way to escape his arguing parents, he pulls the jumper over his head and returns to the forest. Wandering through this new world he meets a beautiful girl, whom he chases and plays with all day long. At the end of the day, the girl takes him to the top of a hill where millions of glowing orbs float in the sky. He takes one and puts it in his pocket, and smiles at the girl. But then he notices she is shivering, and wants to borrow his jumper to keep warm. He knows what this will mean, but gives her his jumper anyway. When the girl pulls it over her head the boy has disappeared. Back in his room, the boy sits at his desk listening to his parents, who are still arguing, wondering if it was all a dream. But then he finds the orb in his pocket, and putting it in the empty jar he returns to his painting once again.

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