The Missionary

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:11
    • Plays: ???
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A young Mormon Missionary seeks vengeance upon those who have done him wrong... Soon to be released next September. Cast: Matt Musgrove Chip Sherman Directed by Chris Carwithen Praised by MORMON TIMES as: "Way awesomer than "Passion of the Christ." First, a clarification: No teenage vampire sequels here, though maybe you will find a Mormon zombie love story. This sci-fi drama is the first film to be adapted from the early writing of Joseph Smith's trilogy of books, which have sold more than 8 million copies, and the film, which carries a budget of $100 million, also features supporting turns from Woody Allen as The Girlfriend, Boondock Saint's Willem Dafoe as The Car, and David Bowie as the hilarious Barn Owl. Think Shindler's List meets The Muppets. More entertaining than a handful of cute kittens / cats. Directed by TV nerd-god Joss Whedon, who's responsible for the shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, as well as co-writing the screenplays for Toy Story and X-Men, this unofficial kickoff to the summer-blockbuster movie Mormons in Space is said to be, and Brigham Young quotes, "Bitchin." This film also marks the eighth collaboration between spooky auteur Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Opening in 1820's, the Smith family immigrates from Liverpool, England, settling in what would become the Utah Territory. There, the family's Church of Latter-day Saints (Depp), falls victim to foreclosure. A wealthy playboy Paul the Apostle (Ferrel) then overplays his hand at restoring the Church in a delightful course of events. Any Burton-Depp pairing is enough to get excited, and this is, surprisingly, Burton's first crack at a Mormon film. When we say this movie is gonna be kickass, we mean it's gonna be the tits.

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