The Quincy Rose Show - Trailer for Pilot Presentation

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 03:09
    • Plays: ???
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IN the half-hour comedy, The Quincy Rose Show, Quincy Rose plays a caricature of himself: a witty, neurotic, intellectual misfit struggling to make it as a writer in Hollywood. Though desperate to enjoy the status of a celebrated writer, the last thing he is actually prepared to do is sit down and write. His antics and rituals satirically showcase the many ironies of life set against the backdrop of the entertainment industry—Quincy’s own identity, the greatest parody. As an egomaniac with an inferiority complex, Quincy unabashedly self-promotes the legacies of his father, Mickey Rose, the venerated comedy writer; and godfather, Woody Allen, the prolific American filmmaker, as his own. QRS episodes explore the bizarre irreverence of Quincy’s perception. That is, how he sincerely feels entitled to fame, validation and success and would interrupt your mother’s funeral, in the most tasteful of ways, were it the only marketplace for his ideas. Quincy’s ability to self-aggrandize with great magnitude is a quality equally his greatest strength and weakness. Along for the misadventures are Quincy’s friends, Nicky and James. Nicholas Brendon, as “Nicky,” plays an exaggerated version of himself: an out-of-work actor constantly seeking re-invention, yet unwilling to renounce his seven seasons and 147 episodes of dramatic triumph on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” James Hyde, as “James,” plays a gorgeous, but not so bright, wealth of bad information, insights and distorted ideas. Together, the trio descends to any low, uncovers any privacy, disregards any sanctity in a moral endeavor to serve what they believe most important: their own best interests. In the pilot presentation, “The Champ,” Quincy’s girlfriend, Emma, breaks-up with him. She explains, “Something has awoken in me,” and fears a relapse into sex addiction. Quincy panics: “sex with Emma made me whole, I was her Champ.” Moreover, will he still be able to write that script for Emma’s father? In an effort to “win her back,” Quincy, Nicky and James employ a scheme of “manufactured jealousy.” On a sure-fire road to Hell, Crystal Vase, a reformed-hooker, leads the trio through the deeply deranged circuits of sex-addiction, but alas, “Is Emma too far gone?” Quincy, raised on the streets of Beverly Hills, has many celebrity friends ready and willing to guest star in episodes, an essential device when merging fiction and reality. By intention, QRS shares the myopic characters of "Curb Your Enthusiasm;" the random insanity of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia;" and the witty banter of “Arrested Development.” FOR SALE: The Quincy Rose Show - an original comedy with a clean chain of title! "The Quincy Rose Show" is the sole property of Dog Bear Productions LLC copyright 2009

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