The Stepfather

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 04:20
    • Plays: ???
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The Stepfather is a man who has never had ANY trouble w/ the ladies, primarily because he's such a, well, 'dick' (you'll see), is saddled w/ a Stepson who's quite adept at finding himself stuck in the Friendzone. Being a thoughtful (insensitive), compassionate (self-centered), and altogether kind (really fucked up jerk) soul, The Stepfather offers the baffled lad some sage, time honored, time tested advice for exactly what to do to get him to bust out of the Friendzone and into the Humpytownzone, guaranteed! Original characters Created, Written and Directed by the lovely and talented Raquel Picon. Produced by the savvy and hard working Bryan Quinn, and Starring Brennan Brown as the hapless Stepson, and Tim Talbot (who again freestyled and Improv'd all of his dialogue) as the cut to the chase, ruthlessly 'helpful' Stepfather. Bear in mind that the audio is somewhat spotty in a couple places, so do not adjust, unless it is to turn it up, baby! YES! Hope you enjoy this profane and extremely non PC advice session between a man and his befuddled Stepson. If you don't enjoy it? Well hell, let's face it slick- yer probably overanalyzing shit too much. And as always, tell a friend, especially if that friend knows precisely who it is a fellas gotta blow to get a break in ol' Hollywood town. I mean, look, I know how it goes down in Tinseltown, ok? And just because I smoke pole every now and again doesn't mean I'm gay! Huh? WHAT?!? Thats EXACTLY what it means? ....ohmyeffing G!!!! That nice Syrian taxi driver LIED TO ME!!!! Got any Altoids on ya? Damn you Hassan Benrazi, DAMN YOU!!!! :- ) Thats super-duper then. Thanks! yer pal, Tim

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