The Story of Three Loves


  • Released: 1953
    • Length: 03:33
    • Plays: ???
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Trailer for The Story of Three Loves, a film that features three loosely connected love stories. The Jealous Lover On an ocean liner, ballet impresario Charles Coudray solemnly reflects on the events leading up to his London company's one and only performance of a new ballet: At a dance audition, ballerina Paula Woodward suddenly collapses. Her aunt Lydia consults a doctor, who says that Paula has a heart condition and will endanger her life if she continues to dance. Paula retires from dancing, but one evening, after watching a performance by Charles' company, she hesitantly approaches the empty stage and begins to move, gradually losing herself in a slow, expressive dance. Paula is interrupted by the imperious Charles, who has been watching from the shadows. Inspired by her artistry, Charles asks Paula to accompany him to his studio, and when she reluctantly declines, offers to take her home. In the car, Charles recognizes Paula from the audition, and as they discuss their love of the dance, she impulsively agrees to work with him. They return to Charles' elegant home and, setting aside her fears, Paula recreates her earlier performance. The effort leaves her weak, alarming Charles, who has fallen in love with her. Paula assures him that she will be with him always, and they kiss. Paula returns home, radiant, and tells her aunt what has happened. While climbing the stairs, however, Paula collapses and dies. Back on the ship, Charles remains lost in his sad thoughts. Mademoiselle Another passenger on the ship, a pretty young French woman, overhears a governess talking to her young charges and thinks back on her own experience as a governess the previous summer: In a lavish hotel in Rome, eleven-year-old Thomas Clayton Campbell, Jr. chafes under the tutelage of his governess, Mademoiselle, who insists on teaching him French and reading him 'mushy' poetry. One night, in the park, Tommy meets an older boy, Terry, who tells him that old Hazel

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