The Trouble with Memory (2009)

The Trouble With Memory

  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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The Trouble with Memory -- Synopsis for 'The Trouble with Memory': 'The Trouble With Memory' is an experimental short film by Beaches of the Proud ( about the painstaking process of forming memories throughout our lifetime and the way they are casually distorted or forgotten. The film opens in an apartment, where the only character is meticulously writing out seemingly random words on pre-cut pieces of paper. The process seems to go on for days, before he gathers up all he can carry and, spilling the paper as he goes, makes his way to the car. He stops at a pier and sits down, indifferently discarding the remaining pieces of paper into the sea, where they float away, never to be seen again. The simple narrative of the film belies a more complex version of events, rich in allegory and symbolism. The word-writing section represents the learning stage in our lives, where our education and preparation for memory formation is painstakingly deliberate and focused. As the character commits the newly learned subjects, emotions and experiences to paper, so his memories of his life are formed. Although this may seem to be an observation on childhood, it is not necessarily confined to this, as we form memories throughout our adult life and also learn from what we have already discovered. The (intentionally brief) second part of the film embodies the memory-loss component of adult life. The memories that we spent so long forming are cast aside, both inadvertently and deliberately. This can be taken as a treatise on the tragedy of inherited memory-loss diseases like Alzheimer s or Dementia, but it also underlines the tragedy of typical memory loss, as our hard-earned life education disappears in the blink of an eye. We see the memories fall into the sea, where they drift out of existence as arbitrarily as they drifted in, to and from a space beyond our understanding, until death, when the final memory slips out of our fingers fo

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