The Tudors [HD]

The Tudors Season 2 [HD]

  • Season 2
  • Posted: 10/13/2013
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We begin the season with a King who has been frustrated at every turn by the Vatican in his bid to annul his marriage to Katherine of Aragon in order to marry the younger Anne Boleyn. The reasons, indeed necessity, for this step are multiple -- part vanity, part sexual desire, part bold individualism -- but they center on one unshakable ambition: to father a son and heir to the Tudor dynasty inherited by Henry from his father. If he does not have a son, then this lineage, for which he has such ambitions, will die with him. But this desire alone is not the whole story. Inspired by the writings and reformist zeal of a disgruntled German theologian named Martin Luther, Henry takes on the Catholic Church at their own game -- wielding power and authority -- and launches a savage and ultimately bloody bid to be master of his own spiritual as well as secular destiny. The English Reformation brings together the personal and political ambitions of a Royal revolutionary.

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