Tripping the Rift (2004)

Six, Lies and Videotape

  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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Tripping the Rift: Season 2: Episode 13 -- Captain's Log - Six is one, Haffa Dozen is her Mother: When you live life the way I do - out on the edge, stickin' it to the man ... no, strike that. 'Stickin' it to the man' is more of a Gus thing. What I'm saying is, when you're a rugged renegade like me, sooner or later you're gonna wind up in a high-speed police chase. Personally, I don't even think twice anymore when I see the flashing lights in the rearview. But this time, the cops arrested Six and dumped her in jail for armed robbery. Apparently, security cameras showed her stealing dilithium crystals from a crapload of ships across the galaxy. I didn't know what pissed me off more: that Six hadn't shared the dough from her secret criminal escapades with me, or that some cop had cuffed my sex cyborg - that's my thing!

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