• Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:31
    • Plays: ???
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Jerkin’ is swagger and personal style Expressin’ yourself and a blind man’s smile Absence of pain just the start of the game Jerk in a drought and you summon the rain jerkin is bein’ fresh like the morning dew being tight with friends like you’re stuck with glue I’m a smooth guy who loves to get jerkin I jerk in my office when I’m supposed to be workin’ my dreams are interrupted by the twitching of my legs my savings are exhausted, I’m down to the dregs runner’s euphoria may be the culprit the jerk is my religion, the street is my pulpit Jerkin’ aint for moms, even moms that get around her life is hard enough tell your mom to sit down jerkin’ aint for so called community leaders you won’t see jerkin’ Learning Annex teachers jerkin ain’t for all you classic trained dancers seriously, you can sprain your hamstrings pretty bad jerkin’ ain’t pranking the ASPCA lyin’ ‘bout animals and wastin’ their day jerkin’ ain’t falling asleep on the couch wii in your hand, dorito in your mouth jerkin’ ain’t a rap-sheet shitty like a diaper wipin’ your past clean like a windshield wiper hoppin’ on a greyhound with just the fare they ask where you go you say anywhere pregnant and the daddy is a glory hole livin’ by your wits and stealing coal raisin’ your family in an old box car wrestlin’ squirrels and wishin’ on a star jerkin’s Southcoast plaza, looking all fine a party jumps off and its jerkin’ time jerkin’ dressing fresh in clothes so new they smell like the factory, not like you jerkin’ is money all covered in glitter a secret tongue kiss from your baby-sitter jerkin is prancing like a proud French prince it’s a cold truth: jerkin’ died for your sins now you got the info like a pee chee folder nutritious living and yoga when you’re older

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