• Released: 2007
    • Length: 02:45
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Dexter and Royce are two addicts who drift through life in a dope-filled haze until Royce's girlfriend, Matilda, ODs on their stash. In a panic, the two bury her in a basement where they stumble upon a Satanic cult performing a ritual sacrifice. Matilda suddenly wakes from her coma and in the distraction she and the boys manage to escape. The Satanists however, think they brought Matilda back from the dead, and they want her back. Meanwhile, the local drug kingpin is after them for the money they owe on the stash they were supposed to be selling for him. The guys figure the only way the can pay back Nigel is to rip off the town's eccentric millionaire. Too bad Royce left the plans for the job and the safe code back at his apartment. Before the night is through, a band of armored midgets will have come to their rescue. And that's just how weird it gets in Weirdsville.

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