What about Bob Hope Airport?

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:34
    • Plays: ???
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My trip to LA from last summer. It might be the first ever cinematic use of the transition known as the "dick-wipe." It's my invention to the film world. Don't use it without mentioning me, or I'll kick you in the dicks. Notice how I put it on my friend Dave. That's because he broke up with me on facebook. One second we were in a loving, albeit "open" relationship, and the next, he's dropped me like a hot bag of shiite. and then he tells me that I can't handle his polyamorous lifestyle. well guess what dave. screw you! maybe I couldn't handle your polyamorous lifestyle, but that doesn't mean I wasn't willing to try! and for you to just decide what's best for me, well... that's just... that's just too... motherly. yeah, what are you? my mom? that's why you get the dick-wipe. How's it feel? to have a big dick-wipe going across your whole face? good? yeah, I hope so. because MY HEART IS BROKEN!

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