White Kid Raps Super Fast & Discovers Autotune

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 04:04
    • Plays: ???
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The background track is "Break Ya Neck" by Ludacris, of which I possess no copyright. This video is of course inspired by George Watsky. LYRICS: Admittedly, I'm a little bit late to this party / Where we rap fast over this track / And we're white at the same time / But I showed up to this party / And I brought chips, and I brought dip / So, well, please just give me three minutes of your time / Hey now, we live in a day and age / Where there's a hunk on every page / Of every teen bop magazine / Always shirtless and he's looking lean / And my girl has come to understand / That the measure of an average man / Is abs, no flabs and elaborate schemes / Like she sees in the movies or the tv screens / Now, I want to bring her back down to earth / Her man's not tan, has got a little girth / And our love may not have a "twilight" feel / But that doesn't mean this shit's not real / No, we don't have a sitcom romance / We're not the Jefferson's a-movin on up / I'm not meathead, I have a chance / We're not Eric and Donna hanging out at the hub / We're not a bunch like the Bradys' / But you're still my grooviest lady / You're not Alice whose soon going straight to the moon / I'm gonna keep you on this planet, girl, so I can make you swoon / We don't constantly bicker like Gilligan and the skipper / But I'd be fond of being Fonzie if I were a little slicker / No love boat together, no we don't have the minnow's weather / And we're not lucy and desi 'cuz we can push our beds together / We don't have a celebrity romance / getting married and divorced in one day We're not notable like Sheryl and Lance / Or praised like Ellen & Portia for being proud and gay We don't have to be Woody and Soon Yi / Where dating is a whole God damned immoral quandary / We don't have to be the Situation and Snooki / Where our priorities are only: gym, tan, laundry / Now, I don't want a movie kinda romance / Meeting cutely then falling apart / Clearing up a misunderstanding / Then getting back together as predicted from the start / I think you know, we're not Juno / There's no fetus to meet us in our plans / We're not Rhett and Scarlett / Cause frankly my dear I do give a damn / We don't have to be Ashton and Demi / I don't want somebody old enough to be my mother / And you don't have to be Angelina Jolie / I love the lips, but girl I don't want them kissing your brother / And you're no harlot, Charlotte, Natalie or Scarlet / And I'm no punk, hunk, drunky Starlet / Just a cute ass, middle class, lad and lass / Hedi's cute, a real beaute, but next to you I'd pass / We're not the folks from the notebook, cause I remember you well and / We're not Harry Potter and Ginny, cause we don't need a love spell / We're not a merry fairy tale, just like Fiona and Shrek / We're not Mulder and Scully, but we have files rated X / We're not Flynn and Rupunzel, we're not in St. Elmo's fire / And I'll never turn out to be a werewolf or vampire / Cause all this vampire shit, it has been done to death / And well, I haven't seen the Hunger Games yet / But you're not getting any of my bread / So give me a moment to catch my breath and give this shit a fucking rest And breathe, please? / Girl, all I'm trying to do is make your heart beat fast / I want to make it pitter-patter at the speed of this rap / All I want to do is make you swoon / I want you to love me for real, and not for fake like Autotune / Shout out to George Watsky / Who is that pale boy? How does he rap so good? / I don't know how that pale boy raps so good. / How does he do that? / You can't expect me to be the perfect man, / You can't expect me to have the perfect tan / You can't expect me to pass all your tests / But for being perfect for you But not objectively perfect I can do my best

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