Why do people have to go to Jail for Justice?

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
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Every Strike Brings Me Closer To The Next Home Run" - Babe Ruth Anderson and Fraser made contact with Pink-Garson’s office in late February, 2007. Joel Pink’s secretary had informed us that a $350 consultation fee had to be paid in advance at the time of the appointment, which was set for March 20, 2007, at 1:00 PM. By this point, Anderson and Fraser had developed some reservations and deep concerns with lawyers. After dealing with so many unprofessional lawyers, they simply wanted to know beforehand with whom a prospective lawyer was associated. When they arrived for the appointment with Mr. Pink they asked his secretary if they could ask Mr. Pink a simple question before wasting both Mr. Pink’s time and their time. She would not let them ask him even one question without paying her the $350.00 consultation fee. They paid. They had researched Mr. Pink, and knew he was the vice-chair of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society. They wanted to know if he was a Tory supporter or not. Tony Anderson asked him the question point blank during the interview and he replied “NO!” Mr. Pink also couldn’t understand why Mr. Star wouldn’t meet with only Jeff Fraser, and not both Anderson and Fraser. He said he would inquire as to why. The meeting proceeded quite well. However, after discussing the case, Mr. Pink said, “I am a man of honour and integrity” and that his word “meant something”. Anderson and Fraser indicated that there was an upcoming court date scheduled in Bridgewater Provincial Court for Jeff Fraser. Mr. Pink indicated that he had helped the Bridgewater Crown Prosecutor’s son in the past and that he was a good friend of Crown Prosecutor Lloyd Tancock. Mr. Pink said he felt it would not be a problem to get an extension of time for Jeff Fraser’s court appearance. Mr. Pink made one telephone call and Crown Prosecutor Lloyd Tancock just so happened to immediately pick up the other end! Mr. Pink had shown, although Anderson and Fraser still held reservations, that he was well respected and known. They wondered if perhaps he could be the lawyer they had been searching for. Things did improve, as Mr. Pink promised, and he seemed able to manage the bewildering lists of charges and court dates for at least two months after that first meeting on March 10th. 2007. Also, he told Anderson and Fraser that he had made contact with Lawyer Star and that they had decided to work together as a team on Jeff Fraser’s case. Mr. Pink required a large retainer. Ten thousand dollars! Jeff Fraser was working for a courier company at the time. Mr. Fraser’s employer, who seemed to have a great interest in the case, secured the retainer with Mr. Pink. At least, this is what Anderson and Fraser were told. Mr. Fraser’s co-worker informed him that Mr. Pink was in the process of negotiations with Lloyd Tancock, Crown Prosecutor, on the charges against Jeff Fraser. This was completely against Mr. Fraser’s best interests! He was shocked! Jeff Fraser immediately spoke to Mr. Pink, who acknowledged that he was indeed trying to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. Jeff Fraser did not wish to negotiate nor did he want Mr. Pink to negotiate a plea bargain of any kind whatsoever on any of the trumped-up charges with the Crown Prosecutor! Jeff Fraser was then left with no choice but to dismiss Mr. Pink from the case, as he was not acting in his client’s best interests. Mr. Pink was not used to being fired and he asked to be reconsidered. Request denied! Time was already getting short, so Jeff Fraser could not have his so-called lawyer conspiring against his best interests. Fraser needed a lawyer who actually did what he promised and lived up to his word! On June 17, 2007, when Mr. Fraser, accompanied by Mr. Anderson, went to the Bridgewater Provincial Court for the trial, Mr. Anderson observed that both Lawyer Ferrier and Lawyer Pink were present in court that day. When they saw Mr. Anderson, both men looked very sheepish and could not meet his eyes. When Lawyer Pink breezed into the courtroom and realized that Mr. Anderson was there, he seemed startled and turned as if to leave but found his way to the door blocked by other attendees. He then turned back, sat down abruptly, and stared fixedly at the floor between his. At no point did he meet Anderson’s or Fraser’s eyes, nor did he acknowledge their presence in any way. Provincial Court Judge Ann Crawford sentenced Jeff to nine months incarceration for something he did not do! False charges were trumped up against Jeff and, prior to trial, three Crown witnesses were intimidated and then perjured themselves on the stand. The Crown Prosecutor - you guessed it! - is a member of The Cult of renegade members of the Jehovah's Witnesses! On March 4th Jeff was thrust into the dangerously overcrowded Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth Burnside Industrial Park. He was there during the recent prisoner riot when the prison was burnt! What a place for Jeff to have to go! Or anyone! It is about the closest place to Hell on earth that anyone is ever likely to see! Update Jeff's Letter from Jail Jeff Fraser, CCF June 12/09 Dear Tony, I wanted to follow up what we talked about [by phone] last night. This has been trying for us both, and I know you feel the frustration we both have. There is much work to be done, but until I get out there isn’t much I can do right now to change the situation. Remember, we just saw the end of ten years of Tory dictatorship, and there was much damage done during their time in power. Much of what we created in the last three years on the Internet certainly made the people aware and they got the message loud and clear. There is one thing about the justice system that we both have to accept: when you are a victim of this system you are literally part of the play. Until new jails are built, the phone system [referring to the limit of two ten-minute phone calls a week] in these old jails will not change. Remember, no jail anywhere gives a shit about the inmates inside. Anyone serving time is just a number and a pay check [to the guards]. All the justice system is designed to do is to just keep going on the collision course set down by the previous [NS Progressive Conservative] government. Most rules are set down by the federal [prison] system, and we know who controls that. I am not trying to be negative, just [to state] the reality of being inside. Even if someone has a medical illness, [or if] your kids are dying, or [if] there’s a death in the family, they do not care! I accept this. I might not like it, but that’s the way it is. They set up rules and discipline as a means on control. I am sure that in the future the justice system [in Nova Scotia] will change. I do not plan to be here when it does. I will do what I do best: mind my own business and when I am released I won’t look back. I realized all of this a long time ago, and I am not trying to come across like being cold or in a depressed mood. Remember what happened when I thought we could fight back against the JWs when we had the company [Spotless Cleaning Services]? Wow! No wonder I am in here! I know the purpose I am serving in here has finally paid off. All the work you have done out there, fighting for justice, has finally paid off. Those who have committed sins and misdeeds against the people they serve will be held responsible. We both know the cost of fighting an unjust and corrupt government. A lot of things will change when I get out. I have learned a lot and know clearly what has to be done if we are to succeed. I will deal with the dark forces that put me here when I am released. Please, let’s try to deal with the other crap when I am home. It’s not doing either of us any good talking on the phone about it. Unless I get transferred to Yarmouth, we will have to accept the short calls. This jail is too small to get a proper phone system. It should be interesting to see what happens now that the government has been toppled. The people knew who the real crooks were, and they sent that message out loud and clear! You know as well that I cannot express myself the way I’d like, on the phone or even in writing. Eyes and ears are everywhere! One thing I do see that I like is the change in you. You sound much more in control and alive. That’s positive. As you probably can tell, I have had enough myself. I will finish my sentence and move on. Time is getting short now. I completely wash my hands of even trying to find acceptance in a town [Bridgewater] that doesn’t want people to change. I am walking away from it, just as you did twenty years ago. I am only interested in us and the people close to us, in those who stood by us and are there for us. As Johnny Cash says “I’m movin’ on!” Anyway, I am doing great overall. I am in good spirits, and trust that the Higher Power will see me through this. I sleep good, and try to work on improving myself. You will see a big change, just as I see the change in you. Look at it this way: we played a big role in helping the NDP topple the government! They know that as well. Remember to feed the Good Wolf! Jeff personal letter he wrote in Jail! PS- Thanks to all involved!! All who stood by us!! Remember, everyone has a release date!

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