Zombie Christ

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 04:11
    • Plays: ???
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Here is my inspired, poorly performed Easter tribute! Jesus was crucified He died up on that cross, Yeah, yeah. This mans passed on, he is totally dead He is no more--ceased to be! They all said Well they took the corpse into the tomb And sealed it with a giant-fucking rock Yeah, yeah Then Jesus wakes up 2000 years later Hes a spiritual zombie, put here by the creator Hes got a mission to do of the undead nature Zombie isnt his preferred nomenclature, because... Jesus is literally a God-zombie Hes back from the dead Which means hes undead The undead live and feed on brains Jesus is comin to eat your brainssss, child!!! Talkin bout brains, brains, brains Hes munchin on Brainsss, Brains oh Brains. Jesus is Risen Hes got that, look in his eye: Hes hungry, and its time to feed Watch out now.... Well he gets up from his bed and he begins to lurch Hungry for the Brains he heads to the Church Jesus busts into the sermon and heads up to the priest Takes him by the head and he begins to feast The crowd goes wild---Its Jesus christ! Wait, did our priest, just get iced.... By our Lord God?? Chorus Panic breaks out; God is, on the loose! Splittin open heads and drinkin' the juice Zombie-Christ is hungry and hes got to feed! See all those eaten people? Yes hes got that zombie need You better pack up the children You better lock your door Because Jesus just ate your neighbors And now hes hungry for some more Chorus Written/Arranged by me

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