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A Million Little Things Boss Breaks Down Gary's Jaw-Dropping Move in the Season 3 Finale

To say we are stressed is an understatement

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale. Read at your own risk!]

A Million Little Things capped off Season 3 with an emotionally-packed two-hour finale that left us on the edge of our seats. Thankfully, the show has already been renewed for Season 4 so we know we'll see these stories continue, but it will be a torturous wait for new episodes after everything that went down. 

The headline item is that Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) finally snapped after Sophie (Lizzy Greene) went to the police to report Peter (Andrew Leeds) for sexually assaulting her and was told there would be no justice because the evidence wasn't conclusive enough for an arrest. Gary decided to take matters into his own hands by going over to Peter's house, wrapping a burlap sack around the guitar teacher's head, and shoving him into the house for what we can only assume is ominous business. Gary's been a short fuse ready to blow for a while now, but this particular explosion couldn't come at a worse time as Darcy (Floriana Lima) left him a voicemail explaining that she was ready to start a family with him and make it work if he still wanted to move to Lennox with her and her son. That may be hard to do if Gary ends up in jail next season. 

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Gary wasn't the only one facing a crossroads at the end of the episode. Eddie (David Giuntoli) received a surprise call from the woman who hit him and left him paralyzed from the waist down. He only just found a compromise with Katherine (Grace Park) that would allow him to have unsupervised visits with Theo (Tristan Byon), but those visits depend on him staying sober and the emergence of the driver who permanently altered his life puts all of his good work over the course of the season at risk. 

Things aren't looking better for Delilah (Stephanie Szostak), who finally returned from France to reveal that living in the house Jon (Ron Livingston) bought for her has left her suffocating in her grief and she wants to take the family back overseas for a fresh start. Unfortunately, Delilah is the only one who feels like she needs it and the lack of support from everyone who found out about her plan pushed her to have a major breakdown and we are unsure of what that means for her going forward if she genuinely feels like she can't escape the grief and judgments of what happened right before and in the aftermath of Jon's death by suicide. 

Are you looking for good news? Well, Regina (Christina Moses) seems to be happy with her and Rome's (Romany Malco) family, but that happiness comes as she has to say goodbye to her restaurant which wasn't able to survive the pandemic or Regina's recent concussion. 

As usual with A Million Little Things, no one really escaped the episode emotionally unscathed, but series creator DJ Nash helped break down the big moments and tease what the heartbreaking season-ender means for the family of friends next season.

James Roday Rodriguez and Lizzy Greene, A Million Little Things

James Roday Rodriguez and Lizzy Greene, A Million Little Things


You've been teeing up Gary's anger issues for a while now, but this is next level. Can you talk about why now was the time to really go there and what his decision to go over to Peter's is going to mean? 
DJ Nash: It's no question that Gary's anger has this ability to potentially get the best of him, which it seems like it has done in our finale. I think Gary is dealing with a lot of loss. He lost Jon obviously -- that was the first loss we saw -- but then we learned about the loss of his mom and his mom leaving. I think ever since his mom left, he's been desperate for a family. That's probably why he befriended someone on an elevator and was agreeing to go to hockey games with this person, just trying to redefine what a family means. We saw him do that with Maggie when he proposed. He obviously moved very quickly with his relationship with Darcy. It appears as though he's ready to move to Lennox with her and start a family with her. I think when he learns that Delilah is moving to France, that combined with the guilty feeling over what role he may have caused in empowering Peter to be the monster he was, I think, Gary snaps. I don't know if you can call it snapping when you go to your dad's and you come up with an alibi because whatever he did over at Peters definitely appears premeditated.

Darcy calls him after he goes over there and basically says everything Gary wanted to hear. How is that going to exacerbate the repercussions of whatever he does to Peter?
Nash: If he had gotten this call, maybe that would have been enough. Maybe hearing that Darcy was like, "No, I do want to have a family with you," maybe that would have stopped him from going over to Peter's house. I think that's exactly a theme I love to tell in our show. If Gary hadn't called about Jon, would Rome be here? If Theo hadn't come downstairs looking for a hockey stick, would Eddie have had that drink in the pilot? If Eddie hadn't pushed that booze away at the bar, would he still be walking? I think there's a way in which our life is so fragile, that one different move can change the course of everything. That's what we're seeing. I think Gary is ready to go to Lennox with Darcy. He is ready to start that family. And she's ready to do that. Now what we'll watch in Season 4 is whether the events at Peter's keep that from happening or make that happen even faster.

I saw the tweets and I think you saw the tweets but people are concerned about Floriana coming back next season. Will we see Darcy in Season 4?
Nash: Darcy is still in our series, 100 percent, or as 100 percent as you can be in a COVID world where everything is still up in the air. But we've begun writing stories that feature Darcy and Floriana is excited to come back to tell those stories. 

David Giuntoli, A Million Little Things

David Giuntoli, A Million Little Things


Eddie gets a very important phone call at the end of this episode as well, just as he's finally starting to accept what happened in the accident. How does this phone call derail him?
Nash: Eddie this season moved so far to sort of accepting his life now… I think the writers and I were all excited to tell stories that gave Theo an opportunity to see Eddie's true grit, and we will see that. Right now, I think it is being threatened tremendously. He is coming to terms with his situation and embracing it in really wonderful ways… We wanted the call to be when you least expect it. We knew if we did it near Alex's dad coming back and all of that, that's when you were thinking about it. We waited just long enough, hopefully for people to forget about it. We had talked about doing it a couple of episodes earlier and sort of starting that story this season, but once we had this idea to do this runner of these scam artists calling, that felt like the perfect punchline. Just when you think it's another scam call, just when Eddie is so resolved -- he and Katherine have found what appears to be a way to do joint custody where Eddie can have visitation unsupervised -- as all of that is happening, this call comes in that threatens his sobriety, and threatens him in all ways. Also, who is that person? It sounds like it was an accident. 

As all of this is going on Sophie makes the choice to name Peter on Maggie's podcast, which Maggie didn't seem prepared for. What prompted Sophie to go that explicit and how will that complicate things?
Nash: I want to be as sensitive as possible talking about this topic because I know many people who might have read this have experienced [sexual assault] firsthand, but when you're violated by a person and you move from victim to survivor, there are different steps that you may or may not feel comfortable taking. One is just telling people that it happened. Another is identifying who did it. There are repercussions to doing that. We've seen that in some very high-profile ways in the last few years. Maggie definitely did not think Sophie was going to name Peter by name in that podcast. We will see what the fallout of that is. 

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While Sophie is starting to find her way forward, her mom Delilah is on the opposite end of the spectrum and in a really dark place at the end of this episode. What does her breakdown in the finale mean going forward?
Nash: It was very easy for fans of our show on social media to make Delilah the villain in what happened [with Jon and Eddie]. She had an affair with one of Jon's best friends. Her husband dies by suicide. There's a lot you might just not admire Delilah for at the beginning of our series. Yet, we wanted to make sure that we were telling her side of the story. I think she's been going through a lot of pain. I think she didn't even realize how much living in that house and just trying to continue on was suffocating her. When she goes to France for very selfless reasons -- I think she's setting herself up to not realize how much this fresh start might allow her to figure out not only what she wants to do with the next 50 years she has left, but also what she wants to make the other 50 years behind her. I think you're seeing someone who is in pain. You're seeing someone who was not gonna be allowed to grieve.

What does Regina's journey look like now if she isn't sure she can handle being in charge of a restaurant?
Nash: I think we've lost so much this year… I think that keeping everything in perspective is a really important message that we wanted to leave the season with. At the end of the second season, Regina is about to have a family and Eve changes her mind. Now, at the end of the third season, as she's losing her restaurant, it is her family that she now has that helps her through it, which is exactly what our series is about. If you surround yourself with the right group of people, you can get through anything.

A Million Little Things is now streaming on Hulu.