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A Million Little Things Allison Miller Talks Maggie's Shocking Mid-Season Premiere Bombshell

"She's floating around in a state of confusion"

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the A Million Little Things Season 3 mid-season premiere. Read at your own risk!]

A Million Little Things returned Thursday night after its winter hiatus and with the new episodes came the arrival of COVID-19 in Boston. That outbreak caused complications for every member of the group, with Rome (Romany Malco) losing his movie, Regina (Christina Moses) having to lower capacity at the restaurant, Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) getting stuck in France, Eddie (David Giuntoli) being unable to get a doctor's appointment to help him manage his pain without meds, and Maggie (Allison Miller) having to return to Boston for her six-month cancer check-up because the Oxford hospital couldn't fit her in. 

Maggie's cancer scans came back clean, but her stateside appointment revealed that she's pregnant after her casual fling with her Oxford roommate Jamie (Chris Geere). Not only has Maggie's life changed overnight, but travel restrictions have set in and she'll be forced to hunker down in her ex-boyfriend Gary's (James Roday Rodriguez) apartment until she's able to fly back to England and figure out what she wants to do. 

TV Guide had the chance to speak with Miller about this game-changing revelation and what it's going to mean for Maggie and her friends as the pandemic changes everything about their lives as they know it. 

Allison Miller, A Million Little Things


Maggie is pregnant and we get to see her receive that news, but we don't really get to see her process it. Can you sort of elaborate on where she's at emotionally and mentally at the end of this episode with the knowledge that she has? 
Allison Miller: Oh, I think she's in shock. She has not had a lot of time to process the news. She is trying to get her feet back on solid ground because I think she's floating around in a state of confusion. 

Has she had enough time in England to even tell herself that she's over Gary?
Miller: I don't think she's really over Gary and I think that coming back to Boston will definitely complicate things for their relationship, but it might also give her more of a chance to process everything with him and talk about it. I think that would be really helpful, because now she is very much in a relationship with Jamie, whether she wants to be or not. 

Is it going to be helpful that she's staying in Gary's apartment? 
Miller: That's not great... Look, no one on this show has great boundaries. This is proof of that, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Maggie's living off of a student's budget and doesn't even have that right now. So she doesn't have a lot of options. She could stay at Delilah's house with Gary and Darcy. The other option is Gary's house, which seems a little bit safer. 

A lot of the time we've spent with Maggie has been focused on whether she's going to fight cancer, or whether she is going to live. What is her attitude towards being a mom, even if it's happening sooner than she expected?
Miller: I know that Maggie very much wants to be a mom and she very much wants a family. We can go back to Season 2 [when] she was dealing with the lactation specialists at the hospital with Delilah. We saw how protective she was of Delilah as a mother, and how strongly she felt about having a family of her own. The timing right now and the fact that she's pregnant with the man she really barely knows is definitely not what she had in mind. It may not be possible for her, especially considering that she has just finished chemo and is still doing hormone treatments. That can create a lot of complications for having a baby. 

How much is Jamie going to be involved considering he's still in England while Maggie is stuck in Boston?
Miller: Yeah, Jamie is going to be there for her no matter what. He is a really caring person and he has really deep feelings for Maggie and feels a great deal of responsibility for his part in this creation. So they will be in contact and he will be extremely supportive.

Out of everyone in the friends group, I feel like Maggie is the closest to Delilah at the moment, but Delilah is stuck in France. Who is she going to turn to at this moment when she has so much going on? 
Miller: You know that Gary will be there for her as much as he possibly can, but that comes with baggage. I think that she's going to lean really hard on Jamie and also on Regina. But that being said, she's not going to be seeing a lot of people because we're in the middle of the pandemic. She's gonna have to do a lot of the heavy lifting herself.

How is the pandemic going to affect this friends group as we move forward?
Miller: It's going to affect them in the same way that it affected all of us when it started and continued. Jobs will change. The way that we spend time together will change. Dealing with families, everyone is going to lean on each other even more than they ever have, just in smaller groups and maybe on FaceTime. 

What are you most excited for fans to see in the back half of this season?
Miller: We are going to be dealing with a lot of the Black Lives Matter movement that happened over the summer, and I am really excited for us to be doing that. Maggie's kind of there for it, but it's going to be really powerful for everybody. 

A Million Little Things continues Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.