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The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week: Punky Brewster and Superman & Lois Are Parents!

Plus: HBO looks at the battle between Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

Tim Surette

Looking for the best new shows and movies to watch this fine week that looks a lot like last week and the week before that and oh god have we all been doing this too long? This week, both Superman and Punky Brewster embark on new chapters... as parents! Superman & Lois is the family show you didn't know you needed, and Peacock's Punky Brewster is a revival of the classic '80s foster kid comedy. But there's more, including a Nordic drama centered around youth hockey and a biopic of a legendary singer.

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Allen v. Farrow

Ronan Farrow, Lark Previn, Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow, Fletcher Previn, Daisy Previn, Soon-Yi Previn, Moses Farrow, and Mia Farrow, Allen v. Farrow


Series premiere Sunday at 9/8c on HBO
The four-part Allen v. Farrow is HBO's documentary examining claims of child abuse against director Woody Allen by his ex-wife Mia Farrow and alleged victim and Allen's daughter Dylan Farrow, with filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering letting Mia and Dylan tell their story. Allen, who has repeatedly denied the allegations, did not participate in the docuseries, which, as is the case in all documentaries, can hurt perception about how balanced it is. But just as with Dick and Ziering's previous work, the most powerful part is the testimony of the victim, which is frequently muffled by the media and needs an avenue to be heard. [TRAILER] 


Oliver Dufåker, Beartown

Niklas Maupoix/HBO Nordic

Series premiere Monday at 9/8c on HBO
Fredrik Backman's best-selling 2016 novel about the pressures faced by a small town Swedish hockey team gets adapted into a five-episode series as HBO continues to go back to the beautifully gloomy atmosphere of Scandinavian noir. A former NHL player returns to his hometown to coach the youth hockey team and build around its bright star, but things quickly go south when scandal hits the community. Seeing as it is Scandi-noir, of course it opens up with two figures chasing each other through the snow and a gunshot. Things move fast in the five episodes -- maybe even too fast, as characters' actions aren't always given the time to breathe -- but underneath the hockey and crime is a damning story about the pressures parents put on their children. [TRAILER]

Superman & Lois

Bitsie Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin, Superman & Lois

Dean Buscher/The CW

Series premiere Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW
Superman & Lois is the first new superhero show to premiere on The CW since Arrow ended, and it begins an important new chapter for the network. Helmed by former Flash showrunner Todd Helbing, Superman & Lois doesn't look anything like any of the Arrowverse shows, despite its titular characters being introduced on Supergirl years ago. It's a more grounded take on the Man of Steel (Tyler Hoechlin), as he and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) move with their teenage twin boys to Smallville to give their family a chance to be closer. While there's still plenty of superhero action to keep Superman busy, the new series is just as much a family drama as it is an action show, and that's to its benefit. There's plenty of Krypton lore to keep Superman fans satiated, but this is also a great chance for non-superhero fans to jump in and get invested in the Kent family dynamics, which are the real heart of this ambitious drama. -Megan Vick [TRAILER]

Ginny & Georgia

Diesel La Torraca, Brianne Howey, and Antonia Gentry, Ginny & Georgia


Season 1 available Wednesday on Netflix
"We're like the Gilmore girls but with bigger boobs," Georgia (Brianne Howey) says in the first episode of this high-energy series, and that about sums it up. The mother-daughter dramedy follows Georgia as she hauls her 15-year-old daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and 9-year-old son Austin from Texas to a small town in Massachusetts for two reasons: to start over after Georgia's husband suddenly dies, and to run away from a closet full of skeletons. It's part teen drama as Ginny explores a new high school and part mystery thriller as Georgia's dangerous secrets come to chase her down. [TRAILER]

Punky Brewster

Soleil Moon Frye and Quinn Copeland, Punky Brewster

Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock

Season 1 available Thursday on Peacock
Nostalgia... need more nostalgia. Can't you just see network executives in a burning building mentally wrestling over whether to grab the fire extinguisher or greenlight a remake of Silver Spoons? They love this stuff, and the latest is a continuation of Punky Brewster, the 1980s comedy about the titular adorable rapscallion and foster kid Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye). Frye returns as Punky, now all grown up with kids of her own when her life is shaken up by -- you'll never guess -- a spunky foster child who reminds Punky of herself. Peacock's version is in line with the Full House remake as a cheesy homage to the original rather than a winking parody of itself like the Saved by the Bell revival. Laugh tracks galore. [TRAILER]

Tom & Jerry

Chloë Grace Moretz, Tom & Jerry

Warner Bros. Inc.

Friday on HBO Max
Do kids think Tom & Jerry is cool? Cool enough to reboot into a major motion picture? Some studio execs think so and have cobbled together live-action and computer animation to bring back the finest purveyors of cartoon violence. The plot sees Jerry (he's the mouse) make residence inside a hotel that's hosting a major wedding, and hotel employee Chlöe Grace Moretz has to solve the mouse problem, so she brings in Tom (the cat, I assume) to let nature take its course. This could easily be a disaster, but children's entertainment is at a premium since the pandemic started, so let's not get too picky. [TRAILER]

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Audra Day, The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Takashi Seida

Friday on Hulu
Singer Billie Holiday is a legendary musical artist, and like many legendary musical artists, she enjoyed a few illicit substances on the side. Lee Daniels' new film The United States vs. Billie Holiday follows the period of Holiday's career in which she was busted with drugs, taken to court, and thrown in jail. That would begin a string of run-ins with the law, which was in no small part due to the fact that she was Black. Andra Day, no slouch on the mic herself, plays Billie. [TRAILER]