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What's on Netflix This Week: The Apocalyptic Fantasy Sweet Tooth, Feel Good Season 2

Also, a post-apocalyptic movie where you phone doesn't work!

Tim Surette

Compared to the 14 shows and movies that Netflix released last week, this week's paltry 11 options may seem like a bit of a ripoff. But put down the riot gear because this week's Netflix releases may not be many, but they sure are mighty. The biggest show of the week is the apocalyptic fairy tale Sweet Tooth, an adaptation of the DC Comic about half-human half-animal hybrids who are born during a viral pandemic. 

Also coming is the second (and final) season of the comedy Feel Good, the new food show Fresh, Fried & Crispy about things that spend time in deep fryers, and Awake, a sci-fi film about not being able to sleep. I can relate. Below are all the new releases on Netflix for the week of June 4-10, 2021.

All titles debuted on Friday, June 4 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

If you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you'd like to see what else is on Netflix in June, here's everything that's coming to and leaving the service

The Biggest Releases

Sweet Tooth, Season 1
Yeah, yeah, it's another post-apocalyptic show, but this one is kind of adorable? Sweet Tooth, based on the DC comic, is set in the aftermath of a viral outbreak (again, yeah, yeah, but give it a chance) that decimates most of the world's population as a wave of animal-human hybrid children are born. Our hero is Gus, a young half-deer half-human boy, who was raised in the woods by his father and goes on an adventure to find his mother in the American West while evading idiot humans who have an irrational fear of things they don't understand. It's a charming story with an indie-folk vibe that's all of sudden way too relevant.

Feel Good, Season 2
You might not always feel good watching Season 2 of Feel Good, but what makes the show great is its willingness to linger in uncomfortable emotions, even when its main character would rather not. In Season 2, Mae (co-creator Mae Martin) attempts to reckon with heavy trauma, while George (Charlotte Ritchie) goes through her own reinvention. And they've only got one season left to potentially work out their relationship issues; Feel Good is signing off after a short-but-sweet two-season run. [Trailer]

Everything Else

If you're in the mood for a TV show with a sci-fi premise that would definitely fit on NBC's fall schedule but want it condensed into a movie so you don't have to watch 19 episodes of filler, check out Awake, starring Gina Rodriguez as a woman in the middle of a strange global phenomenon that prevents people from sleeping. If you'd like to see a a sci-fi show called Awake that was actually on NBC but was really, really good, you can buy it on Amazon. [Wednesday, June 9]

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet
If those people on the street corners with clipboards yelling at you to talk about the environment aren't making you feel bad enough for using a plastic straw and eating burgers, then watch this documentary from the creators of Our Planet about how humans are trash mongers killing the only home they know. [Trailer]

Sweet & Sour
In this Korean romance, a young couple in love discovers what all of us who have been in long relationships know: We end up getting very annoyed with our SO. [Trailer]

Trippin' With the Kandasamys
The third film in South Africa's Kandasamys film franchise sees the family go on vacation, but instead of relaxing, they mostly plot against each other with "hilarious" results. [Trailer]

In this Spanish film, an x-hitman goes to xtreme lengths to xact revenge and xecute enemies with xcessive violence. [Trailer]

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats
It's basically a movie-length Dutch cat video that I will absolutely watch. [Trailer / Saturday, June 5]

Fresh, Fried & Crispy
Daym Drops made his name reviewing food on YouTube and now he's making his name reviewing fried goodies on Netflix. Kids, follow your dreams! [Trailer / Wednesday, June 9] 

Tragic Jungle
In this Mexican film, a woman who escapes an arranged marriage by running into the jungle only to be captured by local workers. Little do they know, she isn't what she seems. The beautiful yet spooky film throws some supernatural heebie-jeebies in there while also making profound statements on the power of nature. [Trailer / Wednesday, June 9] 

This stand-up special features four of Colombia's most stand-uppy comedians. [Trailer / Thursday, June 10]

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